Patrice Jennings

Reading Support, Adolescent Enterprise;
Afterschool Director

Patrice Jennings holds a B.A. in Community Development and Philosophy of Alternative Education from Goddard College. Patrice left her career in management in 2009 after stints managing for a number of local businesses, including General Manager of Greenstar Cooperative Market and Borders Books and Music, when she realized a life without teaching children wasn’t for her. Patrice is a native Ithacan who feels at home in Montessori classrooms, being and alumna of both the Ithaca Montessori School and Ithaca’s now defunct public Montessori K-2 program, as well as having spent countless hours in her mother’s school, Montessori County Day from 1975 through 2005; pretty much “growing up” in a Montessori environment. She lives in Danby with her partner and their two children. Patrice enjoys helping her family can, jam, and otherwise preserve the delicious bounty of our beautiful region, researching and learning the answer to any “why…” or “how…” questions she is asked, and reading anything and everything she has time for.