We expect that children will attend school on a daily basis and we do expect children to be on time. Excessive absences or tardiness are disruptive for the child and the classroom. Indicating to your child that daily attendance at school is required teaches them to respect and value their education. Promptness shows your child that you value your child’s work time.

If your child is sick and unable to attend school, we request that you notify us via PickUp Patrol by 9:00 am. If you arrive after 9:00 am, please bring your child to the office so their attendance can be recorded accurately. Please try to have your child to school on time. Valuable experiences are lost if your child is late for class.

The first six to eight weeks of school are very important times in which relationships are formed and a foundation for the year is set. Transitions into new classes can be difficult for children and parents. Each child transitions differently and this early time is essential to the child’s feelings of confidence and comfort in the new environment. Absenteeism during the first weeks of school should be avoided as it can add to the transition challenges. Attendance during the last weeks of school is also optimal. Many important activities that are tied to the curriculum happen throughout the last month of school.

Please check your school calendar when planning a family vacation and make your child’s education a priority by scheduling vacations during our breaks. Students who miss days for vacation and/or family events, may miss important lessons and other programmatic activities.  If planning an extensive vacation, please be aware that students may not be able to make up lessons missed or receive homework while away.  Even with the best of intentions, it is nearly impossible for children to attend to schoolwork when visiting with family and friends.  Teachers will determine which work must be completed and how it is expected to be done.